FERS Students enjoy visits of the Po Delta and the city of Ravenna

On Saturday, 14 October, students of the FERS School on Sea Level Rise and Coastal Adaptation had the opportunity to learn more about Po Delta Park and visit the city of Ravenna during a day dedicated to discovering Bertinoro’s surroundings.

Members of the FERS School’s Faculty participated in the tour: Begoña Pérez Gómez (Ports of Spain), Giulia Galluccio (CMCC), Chiara Trozzo (CMCC), Claudia Romagnoli (University of Bologna) and Vittoria Mencarini (Municipality of Ravenna) also joined the tour.

The day started with a guided visit to the Po Delta Park, one of the most important wetlands in Europe and the largest in Italy, hosting hundreds of animal and vegetable species. Part of the Park is included in the list of World Heritage sites as an “exceptionally planned cultural landscape that remarkably preserves its original form;” the Park is also included in the UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserves list, which identifies those areas where “the enhancement of the ecosystem and its biodiversity are combined with sustainable development strategies”. The tour focused on the Lamone River Area, which is relevant for its rich biodiversity; the students could have a hands-on experience with this FERS School edition’s topic there.

In the afternoon, the group enjoyed a guided tour of the city of Ravenna, a historical town well-placed in the Po Delta area.

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