The mission of Future Earth Research School (FERS) is to provide high-level scientific courses that help researchers understand and anticipate future global environmental challenges.

FERS is steered by a scientific committee of international high-level academics

The ‘Future Earth Research School’ (FERS), standing as a reference point for excellence in research on sustainability and future global challenge, offers two-weeks courses to the most promising up and coming researchers to work together and with more experienced teachers on multidisciplinary aspects of research, promoting the exchange of experiences in a crucial phase of their professional career.

Water Resources, Land-use and Forestry

The main purpose of the course is to provide an overview of the impact of climate change on water resources and water related hazards, to set the basis for the technical design of climate change adaptation strategies, to highlight research questions and to promote research activity on future water and the water-food-energy nexus with a technical and action-oriented approach


The goal of the course is to gain understanding how risks occur and how they can be assessed and managed focussing on interaction between the physical and human environment, and how risks are shaped by their interactions. This requires understanding of both physical and geographical processes, as well as economic and human development under climate change.


The call for applications for “Adaptation and sustainable risk management” will open on June 28


Closure of the call for application


Announcement of the selection of the candidates

3 – 15 OCTOBER 2022

Start Course “Adaptation and sustainable risk management”


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