Sea level rise and Coastal Adaptation

Director: Begoña Pérez Gómez

Date: 9-21 October 2023

Language: English

Application opening: 5 June 2023

Application closing: 15 July 2023

Location: Bertinoro, Italy

Data science and machine learning for climate research

Director: Stefan Klus

Date: 5-17 June 2023

Language: English

Application: 9-01 / 6-03-2023

Location: Bertinoro, Italy

Past Courses

Water Resources,
Land-use and

Director: Alberto Montanari

Date: 20/06/2022 – 02/07/2022

Language: English

Location: Bologna, Italy

Adaptation and
risk management

Director: Daniela Jacob

Date: 3/10/2022 – 15/10/2022

Language: English

Location: Bertinoro (FC), Italy

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