The School

The Future Earth Research School (FERS) aims to become a reference point for excellence in research on sustainability by providing high-level scientific courses that give researchers the tools to understand and anticipate future global environmental challenges. The school offers a unique opportunity for up-and-coming researchers and international experts to work together and share experiences on different multidisciplinary aspects of research, building a fertile ground for innovation and new research pathways. 

FERS is steered by a scientific committee of international high-level academics from different disciplinary fields and it is coordinated by CMCC. Faculty members will devote much time and effort to interacting with students. As a relatively small program, FERS strives for the flexibility and personal attention to students that may be absent in some larger programs, encouraging discussion and sharing professional experiences. 

The School is part of the triennial high-education projects in cultural, economic and technologic fields (Progetti Triennali di Alta Formazione in ambito culturale, economico e tecnologico) funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region (pursuant to Article 2 of the Regional Law n. 25/2018 and approved by deliberation n. 1251/2019 of the Regional Council).


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